I love print, but

to do only an electronic version of my Bachelor Thesis is a statement. My topic is about compostable packaging as an alternative to petroleum based plastic. However is it also about the need to re-think our designs and current system as well as the the designers power, impact and responsibility to solve problems in a “sustainable” way.


I could make a book that would resonate with the content of my thesis, even though I would probably have to bend over backwards to find the right paper and printer. Today there are a few respectful manufacturers that could produce a complete compostable book that could return safely to Earth, you just need the time and money. However why should I? To satisfy the hands of my two, dear supervisors, or to have something to show my family when they are visiting? I do wish to do both, but that is not my main goal. I believe that what I have researched and what I learned is interesting and I would like to share it, and make it available to anyone who would like to read it. For me this essay something which I am proud of and wish to be held accountable for.


The Internet has the potential to democratise the way we make and share things. It has the power to makes it accessible anywhere and to anyone, in a way that a printed version never could. Furthermore it allows for experimentation with user-friendliness and interactivity as well as direct sourcing and has the potential to make the visual content more dynamic through videos, GIFs, galleries etc. I decided to use a website to host my Bachelor Thesis because I believe it will service its greatest potential.


As I come to an end in my studies at BTK, I can conclude that I have only deepened my affection for analogue technics. It’s not a that I love paper, ink and print. But it’s my belief that I, as a “designer”, always have to ask myself what makes the most sense? In this case I had to choose wether to satisfy my own desire to have something tangible or to practise what I learned in my studies and what I believe in.


I would especially like to thank my two supervisors, Cyrus Khazeli and Ivan Perez, that both have been to the most importance of my time at as a student at BTK and further for supporting me so, far in my Bachelor Thesis.



Marika Berglind- Ekman


12th of June, 2017


Deceleration Of Authorship


Supervised by Professor Cyrus Khazeli and Ivan Perez

Communication Design, BTK- Berliner Technische Kunsthochscule

Copyright by Marika Berglind- Ekman 2017